If modesty, dignity, honor, and self-respect are the definitions of oppression in your dictionary
than I am very oppressed;
But last time I checked, oppression still means abuse, maltreatment and subjection. You certainly have made a mistake because my Hijab matches none of those.
With my Hijab, I am feeling blessed;
Things got really mixed up for you and you’re confused by certain words and their definitions.
I bet you can’t tell your east from your west;
Let me help you! Naked doesn’t mean free, so stop coming up to me and telling me I don’t have to wear all this;
I’m free; I should just take my clothes off and rest;
Naked doesn’t mean free, naked doesn’t mean beautiful because beauty is in owning my dignity,
not in showing my breast;
You say I’m free to show my body, thank you, but if I’m not free to cover it then what is the meaning of freedom?
You’re not making sense and with killing my voice you’re just obsessed;
You want to kill my voice. You want to hunt my brain and fill it with the illusion that if I’m not a super-model or look like one;
then I am defined ugly, and I have failed my beauty test;
And you didn’t even tell me that face to face, I just felt it even though I’m in my bedroom,
because you found ways to reach me and make me feel depressed;
But you will not change me! I will cover my body because my body belongs to me;
and by your propaganda demons, I will never be possessed;
Because I, understand that covering body and keeping away from your harassing stares is only for my best;
My religion has taught me that I’m a precious diamond protected by a veil that no one can invade or infest.

Soumaya Zaki